Sinclair Inn – Discovery of an 19th Century Canadian National Treasure

From 2014-2016 Ann Shaftel and her team of junior conservators and interns worked to remove the layers of wallpaper that obscured 1800s wallpaintings in this historic building dating from 1700s. The original structure was Acadian, and later additions created Sinclair Inn. This was an early Masonic meeting place  and the wall paintings show early Masonic iconography in the form of pillars, and other details. Just as layers of wall paper covered the paintings, there are layers of paintings, painted by subsequent artists, layer over layer. Ann worked closely with CCI, Canadian Conservation Institute, to decide on methods and materials, and for advice for the local community on lighting, visitor access, climate modulation, security etc. so that the wallpaintings, stable when conservation was completed, remain safe for future generations.